Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Mongomery's 'Biograffy'Edit

Lucy Maud Montgomery, referred to as Maud by friends, spent her childhood on idyllic Prince Edward Island. Her mother died early, and father left her in the care of stern grandparents whilst he went away to find a wife. The quaint village of Cavendish was the model of many future stories, re-named Avonlea. Like many of the heroines she would later write about, Maud used her imagination to escape from real life and lonliness. In her adult life, Maud became extremely depressed.

Nature feautures highly in Maud's novels. Her favourite wild flower is a June Bell, garden flower a narcissi, or June Lily, and tree a pine.

Maud once confided that her dream was to 'write a book that would live', but promptly declared she could never achieve that. She didn't- she wrote many,many books, that lived, and will never die as long as there are 'kindred spirits' in the world.